How a seller doubled its sales on Flipkart using Datavio

published on 15 November 2023

About the seller:

The seller has roughly 80 SKUs on Flipkart across the categories of Wallets and purses. Although they had started a year back, they were getting great sales numbers on Amazon but their sales were very limited on Flipkart.

The core problem statement:

1. How to increase visibility for the listings on Flipkart?

2. How to increase sales for the listings on Flipkart?

How Datavio helped them achieve this:

Keyword research: With Datavio's Chrome Extension, the seller was able to identify top searched keywords across Flipkart by analyzing multiple listings on ecommerce. They used the keywords to optimize their organic presence by using those across the title, keywords, and content attributes.

Image Optimization: By using Datavio's sales intelligence across listings of various competitors, they were able to identify the right image copy to use for their listings based upon the top selling products, which allowed them to create better listing copy for optimizing the presence on Flipkart.

Ad Optimization: Datavio's tech helped the seller to identify the various keywords along with the pre-existing competition to identify different keyword variations to optimize for when running ads and split the ad campaigns better based upon their SKUs.

The final result:

  1. Ecommerce sales doubled within a span of 1.5 months
  2. The advertising ROAS decreased by 20%

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