Datavio helps you analyze the marketplace to identify product opportunities, optimize your catalogue and ads, and track brand share across categories.
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Datavio is a Chrome extension that helps brands analyze pricing, sales, keywords, reviews, and ratings effortlessly directly at the marketplace
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  • Keyword research
    Keyword Research

    Easily identify relevant keywords for any listing on the marketplaces with their search volumes, and competition!
  • Sales
    Sales Estimator

    Easily estimate sales for any product listing on the marketplaces to decide the right variations, bundles, and pricing to sell!
  • Feedback
    Feedback Analysis

    Easily analyze reviews for any product listing to identify key improvements, and keywords customers are searching for!
  • Trubook

    Easily unify all your marketplace data into a single dashboard and improve visibility and sales across your catalogue
    • List opt f
      Optimize listings across marketplaces

      Easily optimize your listings with relevant content, pricing, and media using relevant keywords
    • Unify f
      Unify all your data

      Easily unify data of sales, visibility, and orders from across all marketplaces
    • Bundle f
      Identify variations and product bundle opportunities

      Datavio regularly monitors your listings to help identify variations and bundling opportunities
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    Analyze your category across marketplaces to identify trends across products, and monitor your market share
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    • Marketspy
    • Assortment analysis   1
    • Assortment analysis
    • Mkt share
      Market share analysis

      Easily analyze your brand share across marketplaces
    • Trend
      Trend Identification

      Datavio helps you identify upcoming category trends and market gaps to effectively improve your catalogue


    Datavio helps you build and optimize your ad strategy across marketplaces
    • Ad f
      Ad Intelligence

      Datavio provides you intelligent insights to help you optimize ads on marketplaces
    • Data f
      Data at your fingertips

      Datavio allows you to easily analyze all your marketplace data across advertising at once

    Data Connectors

    Data connectors allow you to easily export your platform data into external sources
    • Api
      API access

      Easily use our API to extract data across marketplaces
    • Plugin
      Sheets plugin

      Datavio sheets plugin allows you to easily extract data into google sheets