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Assortment Analysis

Identify assortments to understand the right products to sell based on sales, profitability, and market trends.
  • Visualization
    Easy Visualization

    Easily visualize assortment across marketplaces to identify product improvement opportunities
  • Market share analysis
    Market share analysis

    Easily analyze your market share across marketplaces on the relevant keywords and categories
  • Assortment analysis
  • Assortment analysis   1

Marketplace Optimization

Unify your data across marketplaces and optimize your listings on all marketplaces
  • Trubook analysis
  • Trubook analysis   5
  • Key optf
    Keyword Optimization

    Identify all relevant keywords for your listings and optimize your listing based upon that
  • Bundle f
    Bundles and Variations identification

    Identify market opportunities to create bundles and variations to multiple your sales

Competitor Benchmarking

Benchmark your performance against your competitors, and identify ways to improve your performance against your competitors
  • Brand
    Thousands of brands

    Benchmark your presence against the top and upcoming brands for your category
  • Trend
    Trend Identification

    Identify upcoming product trends by understanding competitor catalogues
  • Trubook analysis   4
  • Trubook analysis   6

Data Extraction and Connectors

Easily connect your seller dashboard data to external data channels via APIs and Sheets plugin
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  • Ad f
    API access

    Easy APIs to extract data outside from the internal dashboard
  • Data f
    Sheets plugin

    Easy sheets plugin to extract seller dashboard data directly to sheets